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Types and Research of Paragraphs - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 1 Words: 330 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2018/12/15 Category Literature Essay Type Research paper Level High school Did you like this example? Paragraphs are a combination of multiple grouped sentences focusing on a single subject. The first sentence should not be detailed but relevant to the subject topic. It is the foundation of every topic in forms of persuasiveness, narration or creative. Paragraphs are built on four elements this comprises of unity, coherence, order, and completeness. The Fender Bender paragraphs are aligned in a systematic order in consideration of the characteristics required. The objective of this paper is to learn the construction structure of paragraph in Fender Bender novel. The first sentence does meet the requirement of the structural elements of a paragraph. It begins with creating the attention of the topic related to the subject matter it attributes. It is not detailed as the laws requirements. The quotes are based on the unity and coherence of storylines. They are created from the next occurrence of events that are to take place. The quote analysis offers the reader interactive environments by drawing their attention. The attitude of the writer can be expressed in the writing skills of the motion of the sentences. The information given by every quote can portray the completeness and order in the paragraphs. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Types and Research of Paragraphs" essay for you Create order The last sentences give the connection of the completeness of a paragraph. For example, the above cases have been in transition with the next paragraph. The unification of the sentences offered is drawn from the laying of the information from one paragraph to the next. The fluid pose is created by the formation of the concurrent of the events explanation. The movement from one event to the other creates a good transition. The writer uses very performing compound and complex sentences in the engagement of interesting the reader. The tone of the writer impersonating in the story creates the paragraphs in proper design. The writer follows the required standards of English in writing. Therefore creating no room for awkwardness in the writing structure and hence finds no reason for rewriting some of the sentences.

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Gender Roles Of Disney Films - 1598 Words

When you think of Disney, you think about how everyone lives their happy ever after fairytale. Most Americans grew up with Disney and have a strong connection with the brand. Yet, there is a lot more to a classic Disney film, then what the average American sees the first time viewing. Gender roles, also known as gender stereotypes, are things to be considered appropriate to certain men or women and we are constantly surrounded by them without even realizing it. Cultural gender roles in America have changed over time, from when Disney animated films were first released. Women were only housewives at those times, they were responsible for cooking, cleaning, taking care of their kids, and other housework while the husband took care of†¦show more content†¦Before she met the prince she had no individual power, as she was constantly being ordered around by her stepmother and stepsisters. Disney portrays the many stereotypical ideas of women being enslaved to a life of domesticati on in just this film Cinderella is commanded to do domestic work, and she is willingly accepted to do the work instead of complaining and even sings as smiles as she does the work. Even though this is also seen as a negative thing in the film, Cinderella is always obedient and never stands up for herself despite knowing the position she is in is unfair for her. At the end of the storyline Cinderella us released by the end of the storyline, but only because the prince saves her. Cinderella is portrayed as having no strength as a woman until a man comes along and helps her. Disney presents women as inferior, for they need a man to be successful in life. In the first Disney animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, many of the same stereotypes that are presented in the film Cinderella where first presented in this film as well. In the film, Snow White is taking refuge in the forest where she lives with seven dwarfs to hide from her stepmother who also happens to be the evil Queen . The queen is jealous of Snow White because Snow Whites fairness surpasses the Queens. Snow White ended up eating a poisoned apple which makes her fall in a curse and is later on saved by aShow MoreRelatedEssay on How Do Gender Roles Get Portrayed in Disney Films?702 Words   |  3 PagesA. Definition of Gender Roles A gender role consists of characteristics that refer to a set of social and behavioral norms that are widely considered appropriate for either males or females. Gender roles are different throughout society and cultures. One gains gender roles unconsciously, consciously, or genetically due to cultural rules (Princeton). B. How film characters are seen by the audience Many people view women as weak in hopeless and males as strong and heroic in films. Male characters areRead MoreThe Success Of The Multi Million Dollar Disney Corporation Essay1395 Words   |  6 Pagesmulti-million dollar Disney corporation is undeniable. Whether it be through films, books, merchandise, or television advertisements, Disney has considerable impact on children’s lives. One of Disney’s primary influences has been on the construction of children’s perception on gender roles and gender expectations. The influence Disney has on young children has been bought to the attention of critics, who argue these films produce unhealthy, concealed messages to the most vulnerable viewers. Disney is aimed atRead MoreFilm Production Of Disney Films1737 Words   |  7 PagesDisney Company is among the most significant film companies in the world. For a long time, Disney film has provided great and interesting films for children. These films aim at providing educat ion to children on various subjects affecting the society. The production of these films has enabled the Disney Company to gain international recognition as a significant film production company for children’s films. Most of the films produced by the company displays high levels of literary production. In additionRead MoreMulan Essay1541 Words   |  7 PagesThe representation of women in Disney films has indefinitely transformed throughout the decades due to Disney’s need to gradually create conventional views and ideas of women. When comparing the 1998 Disney film, Mulan, and the 2016 Disney film, Moana, people may suggest that both are progressive feminist films that accurately depict their individual cultures, while uplifting the women in these films. However, with further analysis, Mulan consists of not only sexist views towards women, but alsoRead MoreAnalysis Of Disney Films Mulan And Aladdin1393 Words   |  6 PagesStarting its production of films in the ear ly 20th century, Disney has become a very popular company targeting an audience of children and adults. By the 21st century, its films has gone through many changes according to trends during those periods of time, especially with relationships between males and females. Men has always been prominent compared to the women in the movies. Women were displayed to be very dependent on male characters to come rescue them, no signs of independency are apparentRead MoreGender Role Portrayal And The Disney Princesses Essay1656 Words   |  7 Pageswatching Disneys films idolizing many of the characters as it was the biggest not to mention still is the most popular form of family entertainment. But by taking a closer look into these films we begin to realize that the Disney princess line, through their story lines and characters are setting up gender roles for children, essentially educating them on what society deems appropriate for their gender. Many of their movies often portray so me stereotypical representation of gender, consistentlyRead MoreAnalysis Of Disney Princess Films848 Words   |  4 PagesThe Disney princess films are some of the most common in the world today. Because of their popularity, these works speak and evaluate, in significant detail, by various scholars. Numerous people disapprove these films for their seemingly sexist and oppressive gender messages. They find fault with the princesses serving as role models for young girls. Though, when one attentively scrutinizes the movies and compares the individualities of the princesses to the progressive woman of their time, one mayRead MoreMovie Analysis : Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs1697 Words   |  7 PagesThrough Disney animations Walt Disney has cultivated a society driven by stereotypes on gender roles that have restricted the liberties of young girls and boys alike to explore their own individuality. Disney s brilliance transcended beyond his ability to captivate an audience, his true talent resided within his ability to leave a direct impact on his viewers. As the prominent academic Jack Zipes puts it, The power of Disney s fairytale films does not reside in the uniqueness or novelty of theRead MoreAnalysis Of Walt Disney s Disney Essay1217 Words   |  5 PagesThe Disney is huge animation company and their films are an enormous part of the entertainment industry in the whole world. They influence all kinds of people, from children to adults. Also, Disney was created over 90 years ago, and till this very day its most entertaining animation company. Throughout period of time, they have played a tremendous role in how society displays gender roles. As Janet Wasko explains: â€Å"Disney provides an opportunity to analyse an entire popular cultural phenomenon fromRead MoreEssay on Informative speech1259 Words   |  6 PagesOUTLINE] The Effects of Disney Films Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the different stereotypes Disney portrayed in their movies. Central Idea/Thesis Statement: Different types of stereotypes in Disney movies effect children’s view on gender roles. INTRODUCTION I. When you wish upon a star; makes no difference who you are†¦. Or does it? If you recognized this classic Disney song, that means you grew up watching Disney during your childhood. II. The Disney movie franchise has been

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The debate, which has already turned emotional Free Essays

The national debate on abortion concerns both the legal as well as the moral aspects of the issue. The debate has not only grown provocative but it has also become very divisive as well, effectively polarizing Americans into those who support the practice and those who oppose it. The debate, which has already turned emotional, has devised labels for the two opposing camps. We will write a custom essay sample on The debate, which has already turned emotional or any similar topic only for you Order Now Pro-abortion Americans are referred to as â€Å"anti-life† or â€Å"pro-choice† while those who are against the practice have been called â€Å"pro-life† and â€Å"anti-choice† (Internet Infidels, 2005). In other words, if one goes by these labels, a woman who resorts to abortion is guilty of putting an end to life by exercising her choice. One who is against the practice of abortion, on the other hand, is all for allowing the life of a fetus to continue. It is also the contention of the â€Å"pro-lifers† or the anti-abortion camp that it is the duty of government to prohibit women to end their pregnancy through abortion, thereby illegalizing the practice. Abortion advocates, on the other hand, maintain that women should be given a choice whether to continue or discontinue their pregnancies and that government should not interfere with this choice. Some people also use the terms secularists and atheists to refer to advocates of abortion while most anti-abortion Americans are said to belong to the different Christian denominations in the country. This only goes to show that anti-abortion Americans consider themselves to be God-fearing while viewing those who favor abortion as non-believers (Religious, 2008). Labels notwithstanding, proponents and opponents of abortion have offered their own arguments in support of their positions. While there are those who argue in favor of abortion for the simple reason that they believe it to be their right to choose whether to bring their pregnancy to fruition or discontinue them for their own personal reasons, many pro-abortion Americans favor abortion only under specific circumstances. One situation where pro-choice advocates really insist on abortion is when the pregnancy endangers the life of the woman. According to them, in such a situation, it is better to opt for an early abortion and save the life of the pregnant woman than wait for the fetus to fully develop and risk killing the mother or cause her to suffer from permanent disability because of the pregnancy. Another situation is when the pregnancy is the result of rape and incest. They argue that rape and incest are heinous crimes which produce highly traumatized victims. When these crimes result to pregnancy, the victims are consequently tortured since their pregnancy serve as a constant reminder of their harrowing experience. If abortion is not allowed in such cases and the women ultimately give birth, the lives of both the women and their children would be hell. Still another is when prenatal tests show that the fetus is either malformed that life after birth would only be for a few hours or a few days, or that the child would be so retarded that his or her life would only be one suffering after another. Abortion proponents claim that ending such a pregnancy would be an act of mercy (Religious, 2008). Opponents of abortion, however, have rejected the arguments put forth by its advocates. First, they argue that ending pregnancies resulting from rape and incest is completely immoral. According to them, abortions in such cases amount to â€Å"killing an innocent child because of the crimes of her father.† They do not subscribe to the belief that doing away with the evidence of the crime (the pregnancy) would ultimately mitigate the situation. Instead, they maintain that while criminals should be punished for their crimes, the innocent should be allowed to live. Second, opponents of abortion take exception to the argument that it is the right of the pregnant woman to decide whether to have an abortion or not. According to them, if the pregnant woman believes that she has certain rights, the child that she is carrying also has the right to live (Johansen, 1996). Finally, pro-life advocates maintain that children are God’s gift to man and that their parents are simply their caretakers. Children, therefore, should be allowed to live the life that God had planned for them (D’Silva, 2007). Personally, I believe that abortion is an issue that should be treated on a case to case basis. Although it is generally believed that a fetus is already a form of life, the moment its existence would prove fatal to the mother, abortion should be allowed. My reason is simple: if a pregnancy could kill the mother, then it is better to abort it than risk the life of the mother and possibly that of the child. I am also convinced that even if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest, such crimes are not enough to punish the innocent by killing the children of rapists and incestuous fathers. Indeed, children should never be punished for the sins of their fathers. References D’Silva, R. (2007). Anti-Abortion Arguments – Reasons Against Abortion. Retrieved September 12, 2008 from Internet Infidels. (2005). On The Issue of Abortion. Retrieved September 12, 2008 from Johansen, J. (1996). A Summary of Pro-Choice Arguments. Retrieved September 12, 2008 from Religious (2008). Abortion access: All sides of the issue. Retrieved September 12, 2008 from    How to cite The debate, which has already turned emotional, Papers

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Physical Activity by Far Provides the Greatest Demand for Energy free essay sample

Physical activity by far provides the greatest demand for energy. Discuss how the intensity and duration of the exercise period and the relative contributions of the body’s means for energy transfer affect performance. In your answer mention availability of O2, food fuels used, energy threshold points, enzyme control and how the fitness of the participant affect performance. 20 marks Intensity is how hard you work for and duration is the length of time you exercise for. The energy continuum is used to show how the energy systems interact, to provide energy for the resynthesis of ATP and highlights the predominance of each of the 3 energy systems related to duration and intensity of exercise. When we look at high intensity and short duration such as 100m sprinting or 1500m we say the exercise intensity is anaerobic. This is because it takes place without the presence of oxygen. This type of exercise will use ATP/PC and LA systems will be predominant systems. We will write a custom essay sample on Physical Activity by Far Provides the Greatest Demand for Energy or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page A threshold represents the point at which one energy system is over by another as predominant energy systems to provide the energy to resynthesis ATP. The ATP/PC also known as the alactic system has a duration of 3-10 seconds during high intensity activities. It takes place in the sarcoplasm of the muscle cell and produces 1ATP molecule with aid of the enzyme Creatine Kinase. This is why in activities such as the 100m sprint it is predominant as it is a short duration with high intensity. The Lactic acid system uses glucose as the energy source to produce ATP from ADT and Pi, through various processes (phosphorlation dehydration and cleavage). The whole system provides 2ATP molecules with the aid of the enzyme PFK, this system also takes place in the sacroplasm of the muscle cell. This system has a maximum duration of 3 minutes, as during this process pyruvate is produced eventually leading to a build up of lactic acid. Therefore this system is most predominant during activities such as the 1500m running. During the higher intensisty exercise, lactate production will start to accumulate above resting levels and this is termed the ‘lactate threshold’. When blood lactate levels reach 4mmol/l the exercise intensity is referred to as ‘ the onset of blood lactate accumulation’ (OBLA). At this point the production of lactate has exceeded the removal rate. OBLA will continue to increase if exercise intensity remains the same/ increases eventually causing muscle fatigue. During these 2 systems it is important to allow recovery time. This is because if OBLA is exceeded. The acidity of the blood rises. This will cause efficiency of enzymes to decrease and may even cause them to denature. If this were to occur there would be a decrease in break down of energy stores and rate at which the enzymes used of the resysnthes of ATP would also slow down. This would lead to a lack of energy and in turn lead to muscle fatigue. Enzyme control is therefore important as a decrease in blood pH leads to a decrease in performance due to the inhibition of enzymes. To uses these energy systems require the uses of carbohydrates as their food fuel. As a result lack of carbohydrate stores will lead to earlier on set of fatigue therefore decreasing the duration of time that you can continue to work at a high intensity. Training is used to delay the onset of OBLA; therefore the fitter you are the later the onset of fatigue. This will therefore enable you to train harder for longer. When considering medium to low intensity activities with long duration such as marathon running, we say the exercise intensity is aerobic as it is done in the presence of oxygen. The predominant energy system will be aerobic system. This system has three sub systems; Aerobic glycolisis, kerb cycle and electron transport chain. Glycolisis involves the phosphoration of glucose (which comes from carbohydrate stores) which makes the its more reactive. The phosphate molecules come from the conversion of ATP to ADP. During the 7 steps with in glycolisis a total of 2 ATP molecules we used and 4 produced with pyruvate as the by-product. During the kerb cycle Co enzyme A is used to stimulate the reaction between the reaction pyruvate to produce 2ATP molecules and the by-products carbon dioxide and hydrogen. This reaction takes place in the matrix of the cell. Finally the electron transport chain which uses the enzyme ATPsynthase. In the respiratory chain the hydrogen atoms from NADH gradually release all their energy to form ATP. In total the aerobic system produces 34molecules of ATP and has a duration of grater than 3 mins. This is the type of system that would be used for marathon running. When exercise intensity reaches a point that anaerobic energy systems cannot supply energy quick enough, it has to use the lactic acid system to continue to provide energy for the resysnthesis of ATP. During the aerobic system availability of oxygen need to be high otherwise the performer will not bale to maintain the same intensity for a long duration. Many athletes train at altitude for endurance events. This is because altitude training allows the body to naturally increase the number of red blood cells available in the blood. It must do this in order to supply working muscles with enough oxygen as the percentage of oxygen in the air at altitude is lower. This adaption will remain when returning to sea level. For this system to work efficiently it requires the both carbohydrate stores and fat stores. Carbohydrates are used first as they are easier to use. However with training your, you can make your body use fat stores earlier. This will have an advantage for long distance and endurance athletes as it allows them to train for a longer duration of time. Enzyme control should remain constant as there is little production of lactic acid as the Aerobic energy system is predomaniant. In conclusion there is never a point at which one energy system is being used, only points where on is more prominent than another. The energy continuum shows how the ratio of energy systems in use can vary between activates. It is also important to remember that energy system can only work efficiently if the have the correct availability to oxygen, the correct food stores, energy control is maintained and good fitness levels are maintained.

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This Is America A Music Video of Americas Current State Professor Ramos Blog

This Is America A Music Video of Americas Current State Victor Cisneros English 102 June 30, 2019 In order too fully grasp Donald Glover or other known as Childish Gambino’s latest song â€Å"This Is America†, you will have to watch the music video more than once. As Jacques Morel describes as â€Å"in searching for more symbolism, you might miss a major part the lyrics†. This song was released on May 6th, 2018, produced by Ludwig Gà ¶ransson and Childish Gambino. The director for this music video was none other than Hiro Murai, who is a Japanese filmmaker based in Los Angeles, who also won a third-party award for â€Å"Best Director† for filming Gambino’s â€Å"This Is America†. This music video is very special to our society because when you first watch it you realize how powerful it actually is. Then not until you’ve watched it and listen very closely to the lyrics do you realize this is a historic event. The music video is dropping political and cultural turmoil, Gambino appears to be a commentator within the video itself spea king towards black life in America and American culture as a whole. Gambino’s perspective on popular culture’s perception of black experience and â€Å"often brutal reality by juxtaposing happy, carefree choruses and dark, aggressive verses† (Morel). In the very first scene of â€Å"This Is America† Gambino is wearing old confederate overalls and stands in a Jim Crow Law posture after shooting a male black man in the head for simply playing the guitar. Symbolizing that in America if you’re black you can be perfectly fine one minute, the next you’re being gunned downed for no apparent reason. When Gambino posed in a Jim Crow Law posture this is a reference in minstrel shows in the late ’80s and 1900 (Genius). The reference is this when white male actors would perform in blackface and would act out black stereotypes. I believe here in this segment Gambino is trying to argue that in today’s world white Americans are still in a way wearing that blackface. When a white male gets gunned down by office rs they will typically put on that so-called â€Å"blackface† and try to play their role as when innocent black males are killed by officers of the law and nothing is done about it. This was very captivating for viewers because so much is going on throughout the video the only possible way to inhale everything that is being shown to you. The only way to fully grasp this concept is if you go frame by frame and see everything that is being portrayed thought out the video. Throughout the music video, there is so many cultural viral messages and dances going on throughout all the chaos, which was intended by Choreographer Sherrie Silver. Silver intentionally put these dances in the music video to distract the viewer of the violence and madness going on around Gambino. Which symbolizes violence in America that within that violence we try and brush it underneath the rug with a viral dance or something that is going viral at the time to distract us from what’s actually going on. Genius interviewed Silver and she had this to say about the choreographed scene of Gambino dancing just after being fired at by police officers. Silver says. â€Å"This is what it’s like, Gambino’s video seems to say, to be black in America- at any given time, by vulnerable to joy or to destruction†. Which is rightfully so, because this is truly what we see on television. A young boy minding his business walking home then the next. Gone. Because someone thought he was â€Å"suspicious looking†. On one specific dance Silver wanted to implement within the music video was the â€Å"Gwara Gwara† which originated in South Africa. This particular dance shows the racisms in America and South Africa apartheid. Silver tells Genius that these dances were targeted to specify â€Å"a method of survival toward black culture and that America has a tendency to applaud for black culture and cruelty while turning their backs to the issues they face†. Whether the dancing is to numb the pain, gain followers on social media, or simply survive Gambino’s movements are a literal and figurative distraction from the chaos behind him. The gun violence within this music video is very much an explicit take on gun violence in America. The elements of the video that shock you aren’t just the viral dances and stereotypic movements. But the gun shootings throughout the entire music video. The murders are indicators of modern-day American gun violence. The second verse â€Å"Get your money, Black man. This is America Dont catch you slippin now Dont catch you slippin now† (Genius). These lyrics are being performed by a church choir as soon as they stop singing, Gambino’s character shoots them all down. It is impossible to not be drawn to parallels with the Charleston Church shootings which were found to be racially motivated (Morel). Charleston church was a mass shooting who was initiated by Dylann Roof, 21-year-old wh ite supremacists. He murdered nine â€Å"African Americans during a prayer service at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, June 17, 2015† (Morel). After each shooting scene was down Gambino handles each gun after each shooting exactly the same. Wrapping it in red cloth with care. Symbolizing how Red America values guns over human lives. â€Å"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and the name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him† (Revelation 6:8). This exact text from the Bible was implemented into the music video. Gambino is not only taking political aspects, gun violence, society events, but goes even further to throw biblical symbolism into the video. In one scene Gambino is dancing with a group of children and for a few seconds in the background appears a pale horse with a rider dressed in all black as a police car followed. Interpreted by the bible this particular event is symbolizing the upcoming of the apocalypse. A pale horse with a rider clothed in all black symbolizing Death. The police car following the rider is symbolizing Hell. This scene, in particular, is overall symbolizing Gambino’s audience is simple. He is targeting all Americans, to let us visually understand that these events in our era right now that are still going on and need to be dealt with but really aren’t being dealt with. This music video uses all three of Aristotle’s Rhetorical Triangle, hitting the viewer with Pathos when Gambino shows them the imagery of the shootings throughout the music video and impactful stories about shootings throughout the last decade. Following close by with the Logos of the music video which is having the cold hard evidence to back up the Pathos influences. Lastly, Gambino’s main intention seems to be Ethos. Meaning the reputation that America has on these sorts of events and problems throughout society. America tends to brush these life-changing events underneath the rug. Gambino understands this and is trying to show the world with this music video that these things are very still happening. America’s reputation and pride ar e too high to even address it nationally which is why we are always keeping these tragic events from ever blowing up nationally. We hear of them in the news and we tell ourselves â€Å"wow that’s so sad†, but what is actually being done besides the â€Å"Black Lives Matter† movement. Overall Gambino’s message is our own interpretation because in an interview with Genius when asked about the music videos meaning, he flat out refused to discuss the music video at all. We know the Logos and Ethos he is using throughout the music video which tells us this is his very own interpretation of America, but it’s getting worse. Work Cited Morel, Jacques. â€Å"Childish Gambino – This Is America.† Genius, 6 May 2018, â€Å"Childish Gambino Collaborator Ludwig Gà ¶ransson Says ‘This Is America’ Took Two Years To Finish.† Genius, THE HOLY BIBLE: NEW STANDARD VERSION. Bible. Oxf. U. Childish Gambino posing in a Jim Craw Law POSTURE. And wearing old Confederate overalls. This scene symbolized the Charleston Church shooting. The White Pale Horse while Death Rides on his back symboling the upcoming of the Apocalypse and refrences to the Bible.

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Taliesin West - Organic Design in a Desert Garden

Taliesin West - Organic Design in a Desert Garden Taliesin West  began not as a grand scheme, but a simple need. Frank Lloyd Wright and his apprentices had traveled a long distance from his Taliesin school in Spring Green, Wisconsin to build a resort hotel in Chandler, Arizona. Because they were far from home, they set up camp on a stretch of the Sonoran Desert near the construction site outside of Scottsdale. Wright fell in love with the desert. He wrote in 1935 that the desert was a grand garden, with its rim of arid mountains spotted like the leopards skin or tattooed with amazing patterns of creation. Its sheer beauty of space and pattern does not exist, I think, in the world, Wright proclaimed. This great desert garden is Arizonas chief asset. Building Taliesin West The early encampment at Taliesin West contained little more than temporary shelters made of wood and canvas. However, Frank Lloyd Wright was inspired by the dramatic, rugged landscape. He envisioned an elaborate complex of buildings that would embody his concept of organic architecture. He wanted the buildings to evolve from and blend with the environment. In 1937, the desert school known as Taliesin West was launched. Following in the tradition of Taliesin in Wisconsin, Wrights apprentices studied, worked, and lived in shelters they crafted using materials native to the land. Taliesin is a Welsh word meaning shining brow. Both of Wrights Taliesin homesteads hug the contours of the earth like a shining brow on the hilly landscape. Organic Design at Taliesin West Architectural historian G. E. Kidder Smith reminds us that Wright taught his students to design in kinship with the environment, admonishing students, for instance, not to build on top of a hill in dominance, but beside it in partnership. This is the essence of organic architecture. Lugging stone and sand, the students constructed buildings that seemed to grow from the earth and the McDowell Mountains. Wood and steel beams supported translucent canvas roofs. Natural stone combined with glass and plastic to create surprising shapes and textures. Interior space flowed naturally into the open desert. For awhile, Taliesin West was a retreat from the harsh Wisconsin winters. Eventually, air conditioning was added and students stayed through the fall and spring. Taliesin West Today At Taliesin West, the desert is never still. Over the years, Wright and his students made many changes, and the school continues to evolve. Today, the 600 acre complex includes a drafting studio, Wrights former architectural office and living quarters, a dining room and kitchen, several theaters, housing for apprentices and staff, a student workshop, and expansive grounds with pools, terraces and gardens. Experimental structures built by apprentice architects dot the landscape. Taliesin West is home of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, whose alumni become Taliesin Fellows. Taliesin West is also the headquarters of the FLW Foundation, a powerful overseer of Wrights properties, mission, and legacy. In 1973 the American Institute of Architects (AIA) gave the property its Twenty-five Year Award. On its fiftieth anniversary in 1987, Taliesin West won special recognition from the U.S. House of Representatives, which called the complex the highest achievement in American artistic and architectural expression. According to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Taliesin West is one of 17 buildings in the United States that exemplify Wrights contribution to American architecture. Next to Wisconsin, gathering of the waters, Wright has written, Arizona, arid zone, is my favorite State. Each very different from the other, but something individual in them both not to be found elsewhere. Sources Frank Lloyd Wright On Architecture: Selected Writings (1894-1940), Frederick Gutheim, ed., Grossets Universal Library, 1941, pp. 197, 159Source Book of American Architecture by G. E. Kidder Smith, Princeton Architectural Press, 1996, p. 390The Future of Architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright, New American Library, Horizon Press, 1953, p. 21

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Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics Paper Assignment Essay

Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics Paper Assignment - Essay Example His philosophy is connected to practical work, politics which also intends at people becoming good. He explains how virtue of character results from habit. Aristotle suggests that the correct approach to study controversial issues such as politics and ethics which entails discussing what is true about what is just or beautiful is to start is mostly agreed as true by people who have had good upbringing, exposure, and experience in life and to work from there to higher understanding (Aristotle 19). Aristotle strongly suggests the highest goods for any human and the highest objective and intention of human practical thinking is happiness and well being. He also argues that happiness gets well understood as dynamic and stable ongoing and a way of being in action and it’s specifically appropriate for the human. He suggests that the best virtue and the most complete one is the happiest one. According to him, an excellent person is one who is good at living life and the one knows how to live well and beautifully. Aristotle also asserts that virtue for humans must involve reason in speech and thought as it is the most important aspect of human nature and living. Aristotle discusses what ethics is and how it helps to improve human life. Aristotelian ethics explains what makes virtuous character to be possible which in turn forms the main basis for happiness in human life. He describes the various steps necessary in order to achieve happiness. He suggests that righteous actions done with the guide of right teachers’ leads to the creation of the right habits (Aristotle 37). This in turn develops a good stable character and behavior wherein the habits voluntarily lead to the achievement of well being and happiness. Concurrently he does not equate character with habit. He says character is like knowledge or health meaning it’s a kind of stable disposition which should be maintained and pursued with some effort hence they are determined by the individual . On the other hand, good habits are considered as a precondition and basis for good character. In his philosophy, Aristotle argues that ethics ensures accuracy and it can become observed in an objective way. He points out that things which are beautiful and just must involve great inconsistency and disagreement and as a result they get thought to belong to convention and not nature. Because of this he explains that it is vital not to demand a lot of precision in a similar manner as to how a mathematician gets demanded to carry out demonstrations. But it is important to identify what is beautiful and just as he says people are good judges of what they become acquainted with. He discusses what all good things in nature have in common (Aristotle 52). According to him good things don’t seem to have same name and nature by chance and this explains why different humans have different ways of getting happiness. In his philosophy, Aristotle emphasizes that there is only one highest aim of happiness and it should be similar to that held by politics because what is nice for an individual is less divine and beautiful compared to what is good for a group of people. According to him the objective of political capacity should include the aims of all the pursuits so that the outcome is human good. Aristotle's ethical theory significantly reflected his metaphysics. Unlike Plato, he proclaims that that the virtue or goodness of a thing lies in the identity of its particular nature. The highest good in humans is the habitual and